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I need YOUR help!

My first book, Live in Wellness Now, is now available here on Amazon.  In today’s publishing world, this first week of release is a critical one.  You can help me reach more people by taking a minute to SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS.  Please also remember to REVIEW MY BOOK HERE as soon as possible.  That’s the way it gets in front of new readers who may be struggling and want to learn easy steps to optimize their wellness.live-in-wellness-now-book-cover

As my closest friends and most loyal followers, you are getting the first look at my new book and I need your help! 

So after you’ve bought a copy and left a review, help me SPREAD THE WORD of how important it is to take control of your healthcare instead of being at the mercy of your sickcare, and learn how to do it. 

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And WAIT! That’s not all.

For those of you who purchase and review the book between APRIL 8 and APRIL 20, you will receive a SPECIAL GIFT from me. Simply click here to email me to let me know you’ve purchased and reviewed the book and I will send you a link to my conversation with Jim Zechman, Chairman and CEO, Alternative Medicine Integration Group, L.P.

Last year I interviewed Jim Zechman as part of my Be Inspired Wellness Summit. Jim was one of eight experts interviewed over a period of two weeks. As you listen to our conversation regarding an integrative approach to optimal health, you will gain valuable insight into the importance of being your own advocate when it comes to your wellness as well as some easy-to-follow tips for how to be proactive with regard to your overall health. As Virgil said, “Your greatest wealth is your health.”

This SPECIAL GIFT, a value of $129.95, is filled with invaluable information that will empower you to be present, be purposeful, and be well.

Thank you for your support and help.

To your wellness!


Barbara B. Appelbaum | Appelbaum Wellness LLC | info@appelbaumwellness.com


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