Barbara in the Media

Barbara B. Appelbaum in the Media (print and video)


April 2014:

6 Tips for Keeping Your Mind Sharp as You Age article by Barbara B. Appelbaum featuring suggestions from her book, Live in Wellness Now.

October 2013:

What I’ve Learned Living with a Chronic Disease article by Barbara B. Appelbaum featuring her book, Live in Wellness Now.


September 2013: Spotlite Radio Presents Jessica Stern & Guests

Spotlite Radio interviewed Barbara Appelbaum to learn more about Appelbaum Wellness LLC and her book, Live in Wellness NowClick Here and Scroll to 38:34


June 2013:  Author Shares Proactive Path to Healthcare Pioneer Press Article


June 2013:  Chicago SunTimes: To Your Wellness: A Conversation with Barbara B. Appelbaum

Some interviews are so simple; they’re beautiful, especially in a gorgeous setting. While birds chirped and kids laughed near Glencoe Beach, baby steps are discussed by Barbara Appelbaum as part of her new book “Live in Wellness Now.” I learn so much with each story. Edited to add on link. By Karie Angell Luc


June 2013: Chicago TribLocal – Appelbaum Wellness LLC Business Profile



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