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HLive in Wellness Nowave you ever gone to a doctor’s appointment and couldn’t remember all the questions you wanted to ask? 


Do you find it challenging to keep all your medical, nutritional, fitness, and spiritual information organized?


Do you fear age-related disease as you grow older?


Life can change in the blink of an eye, especially as we age.  The question is, “will you react to it or will you respond to it?”




Through dealing with my own health-related challenges, I have come to recognize the importance and usefulness of having one place to record all medical, nutritional, physical and spiritual aspects of your life. That’s why I created Live in Wellness Now; a Proactive Guide to Living Well.


Live in Wellness Now will help you to:

  • shift from managing your sick care to managing your health care
  • respond with confidence and clarity no matter what happens to your overall health and wellness
  • be empowered as your best self in mind, body and spirit


This book is a unique, interactive way to help you document your life’s journey which will alleviate the stress of trying to remember appointments, tests, medications, symptoms, thoughts and questions. It also affords you the opportunity to make valuable use of your precious time. This is a resource that will continually evolve as you use it, and inspire you to be present, be purposeful and be well.


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Also available at The Canyon Ranch Store in Tucson, AZ and the Two Bunch Palms Spa & Wellness Resort gift shop in Desert Hot Springs, CA.


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