jim-zechmanWhat a gift Barbara has created for all of us!  Live in Wellness Now finally puts forth a simple, no nonsense way for EVERYONE to focus on the single most important aspect of our lives, namely our health.  In today’s world, who amongst us can honestly say they understand their personal path to wellness?  Behavioral change is the single most difficult thing for us to accomplish.  While everyone is always looking for the “quick fix” in addressing their health, Live in Wellness Now FINALLY gives all of us a realistic roadmap to understand how we can accomplish the behavioral change we need to do.  As the CEO of a national wellness based company, I see the daily struggles of patients trying to figure out how to feel better, often getting lost in their quest to understand the “how”.  I truly believe everyone will benefit by spending a few minutes a day using the resources of the Journal to reflect on their personal wellness goal(s).  Change is often difficult.   Make a personal commitment to living life to its fullest.  Become aware of wellness.  There is no greater gift you could give yourself! 

Jim Zechman, Chairman and CEO, Alternative Medicine Integration Group, L.P.



I encourage my patients, my friends and my family to believe that they have the power within themselves to choose health as opposed to reacting to disease. Barbara Appelbaum’s journal is a valuable tool that encourages and inspires each of us to achieve our wellness goals and create a balanced and healthy life style. Your best you is within reach…..Go For It!

Dino Mantis, DDS FICOI



As a Neurosurgeon I recommend you have all your medical information available at a moment’s notice. There is no universal repository for patient information. Therefore, it is your responsibility to have all your records organized, updated, and ready to share with your health care team, whether it is for a routine appointment or emergency care. Having this on hand could save your life. This journal helps empower patients to be in control of their health instead of being a victim of it.  It is a tool to help you achieve optimal health by visualizing your goals and facilitating preventative care. 

Clara Raquel Epstein, MD, FICS Neurosurgeon/CEO ENC/ENF
The Epstein Neurosurgery Center, LLC
The Epstein Neurosurgery Foundation, Inc. 501(c)(3)
“Exceptional Neurosurgical Care”

Twitter @TheNeurosurgeon



Barbara B. Appelbaum lives her wisdom. The words on these pages reflect the path that she has walked on her own journey. As someone who works daily connecting people to life enhancing vacations, this journal will be a wonderful companion on their journey to living lives of optimal well-being.

Lori Feiner Goldberg, Owner, The Spa Connection




I am proud to see graduates like Barbara B. Appelbaum furthering the mission of Integrative Nutrition by empowering others to take responsibility for their own health. By exploring your eating and lifestyle habits, you will begin to trust your body and find your path to wellness.

Joshua Rosenthal, Founder and Director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition




Barbara Appelbaum’s Journal is quite wonderful. It is an excellent guide to wellness. Ms. Appelbaum’s acknowledgement of the universal energy that is with and within all of us, and her acknowledgement that healing prayer leads to cure is a giant step in our pro-active life, embracing wellness. I am especially pleased that Ms. Appelbaum embraces the importance of gratitude. She recognizes that gratitude brings wellness. In my spiritual practice, there is nothing more powerful than being thankful and expressing it daily. This journal is superb, a valuable tool to tracking our well-being. I will be sharing this journal with members of my spiritual community.

Rabbi Dr. Douglas Goldhamer, Senior Rabbi, Congregation Bene Shalom and President, Hebrew Seminary of the Deaf



As a breast cancer survivor and coach I feel that Live in Wellness Now is a valuable and useful resource on wellness.  It is a great asset to anyone that is stuck in “sick” care on the journey to improved health.  This journal offers practical and sensible approaches to enjoy our lives by empowering our own selves to take charge.  If living well is your goal, then this journal, written by Barbara B. Appelbaum, is your ticket to comprehensive wellness of mind, body and spirit. 

Cindy Giles, ACC, CPC, Life Coach and Cancer Survivor



Live in Wellness Now is a “coach approach” to health that you will use for years to come. In a valuable journal form, Live in Wellness Now reveals the power to and process of achieving a great nutritional plan for you by creating a paradigm shift in the way you look at prevention and true health care.

Deborah Van de Grift, CPC, Certified Health Coach



The perfect addition to enhance anyone’s health and wellness plan is Barbara Appelbaum’s journal, “Live in Wellness Now.” As someone who specializes in how to share more appreciation, I know that this is especially important to show to yourself. Establishing a quick yet powerful practice of giving yourself more compliments is one aspect of an empowered wellness action to fortify your spiritual and physical well-being, and part of what Barbara covers so well in this timely, important and especially helpful journal.

 Monica Strobel, Speaker, Trainer and Author of The Compliment Quotient: Boost Your Spirits, Spark Your Relationships and Uplift the World


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